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Executive Director – Wyoming Excels


Wyoming Excels is a program of the Wyoming Heritage Foundation. The Wyoming Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders who have joined forces to advance education outcomes for all children and youth in Wyoming.  Business leaders have the opportunity and capacity to work toward efforts to transform the education system with the current education professionals as partners. Because today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, the business community represents an influential constituency whose interest in better educational outcomes is entirely aligned with the best interests and needs of Wyoming’s students, families and communities. It is imperative for business leaders to engage with education if they hope to improve their workforce pipeline and our state’s competitive advantage.

Our vision is that every student in Wyoming graduates with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in competitive global economy. To that end, Wyoming Excels unifies the collective voice and power of the business community to secure the resources, apply the strategy, and eradicate the barriers that hinder great teaching, learning, and achievement.

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