Wyoming Excels


Our Mission

The mission of Wyoming Excels is to be a proactive voice of business and a leader in education progress – today and in the future.

Our Vision

Every student receives an excellent education and graduates with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to succeed in a competitive global economy.


Our Unique Approach


Business Leaders
Joining forces, leveraging power.


Improving Schools
Empowering educators, expecting results.


Shaping Policy
Clearing a path, scaling success.


Strengthening Wyoming
Advocating for kids, securing our future.

Wyoming Excels is focused on engaging diverse, bipartisan stakeholders—including educators, experts, policy-makers, and community leaders—to identify and build consensus around best practices. 

Core Values

  • STUDENT-FOCUSED, placing the highest priority on the best out-comes for students of all ages.
  • EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE, ensuring Wyoming provides excellent educational opportunities for every student.
  • TRANSPARENCY, enabling public access to clear and detailed financial and performance data.

  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT, effectively investing limited resources to achieve desired student outcomes.

  • CHOICE AND INNOVATION, empowering parents and students to choose - and educators to create - the best learning environment.

We believe that every student can succeed and Wyoming can have a world-class education system, with an understanding that elevating our schools will require hard work and difficult decisions.