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Membership Benefits

Deepen Your Expertise
No other business organization understands the complex intersection of education, business and government like Wyoming EXCELS. We go deeper – and you will, too. You will become an informed and influential resource for your company, your community, and Wyoming.

  • You will receive regular communications to support and improve Wyoming’s education system: up-to-date news, data, trends, and policy briefings.
  • You will gain access to programs and seminars that provide insights on Wyoming’s education system -- politics, policies, key initiatives from within the state, and how education – Pre-K, K-12, and Post-secondary -- affect your community and business.

Optimize Your Impact
Through our comprehensive network, you will be prepped for and shown opportunities about where you can use your knowledge and interests. You will do more than show up; you will be able to make a difference. Your time (and company’s investment) will pay off.

  • You will take part in exclusive member forums to learn about education successes and issues, and provide input on strategies and tactics to influence Wyoming education policies.
  • You will participate in our training program that prepares members to serve on education boards, commissions, and committees.
  • You will represent Wyoming EXCELS in education dialogues and presentations designed to raise awareness and highlight the importance for a business voice in Wyoming’s education system.

Amplify Your Leadership
You will be able to super charge your network, surrounding yourself with dedicated and sincere business community education advocates—a who’s who of business, education and government. Your work with Wyoming Excels will validate your influence.

  • You will gain access to key political, business, education, and community leaders.
  • You will be considered for appointment to gubernatorial, legislative, and Department of Education boards, as well as select commissions and committees.
  • You will receive exclusive invitations to member events, partner events, and closed-door business leader gatherings.

Member Recognition

  • Your company’s logo and website hyperlink will be on Wyoming EXCELS’ website and in select publications.
  • Your business’ efforts to improve education will be profiled on our website and in our newsletter.
  • Your involvement and leadership will be publicly acknowledged -- through earned and paid media, when available and appropriate.

 About Membership
Wyoming EXCELS is a business organization and our goal is to enhance Wyoming’s education system. We can only accomplish our goal if we can successfully engage the business community across Wyoming. Please join Wyoming EXCELS and work with us to create an education system that offers opportunities for a sound future for our students and leads to a robust Wyoming economy.

Businesses can join Wyoming EXCELS as a: Trustee, Corporate or Sole Proprietor. Typically, the CEO/Owner or a senior leader acts as the Wyoming EXCELS contact for the business.




145 South Durbin Street, Suite 101
Casper, Wyoming 82601


(307) 557-8000

Membership Categories

  • Trustee memberships range from $5000 to $10,000 annually;
  • Corporate memberships are based on number of employees and range from $500 to $5000 annually;
  • Sole Proprietorship memberships are $250 to $500 annually;
  • Retired business leaders who achieved executive positions for $250.


1. You’ll deepen your expertise. When it comes to education issues and the legislative/regulatory process, you’ll become an informed and invaluable resource for your company and our community.

2. You’ll optimize your impact. You’ll be prepped for and placed in opportunities where you can use your expertise to make a difference – and see your time and your company’s investment pay off.

3. You’ll amplify your leadership. You’ll surround yourself with Wyoming’s most respected education advocates. You will be part of an organization that is actively improving our state’s most critical need.


Tangible Results


•Create Local Connect Committees
•Inform and support educators
•Engage and turn on students 


•Create Regional Board of Advisors
•Share Best Practices and
•Create support network across the state


•Voice of Business, “A seat at the table”
•Identifies current and future opportunities
•Reports on impact, successes and areas that   need improvement


Doing a job in an average way will not return an average lifestyle any longer. There is no good job today that does not require more and better education to get it, hold it or advance in it
— Thomas Friedman


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